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Fines-Sta™ Fines Control Agent

Siliceous fines are generally loosely bound to sandstone formations and easily mobilized into the produced liquids, particularly after stimulation treatments. Their presence may lead to plugging of the pores of the formation (or screens). They may also cause the formation of stable emulsions (fines may act as nucleating centers). The net effect is short and long-term production decline or well abandonment in severe cases.

Hexion’s Fines-Sta™ 100 fines control agent is used to address fines migration challenges associated with siliceous rocks in order to enhance well production. In particular, it is used for fines encountered in crude oil production or generated as a result of hydraulic fracturing or sandstone acidizing. Such treatment can result in a significant increase in the productivity and stabilization of the well, typically for a long period of time (several years in some cases). The Fines-Sta 100 fines control agent can also reduce maintenance costs.

Field Study on Stimulation Response

The Fines-Sta 100 fines control agent was used to treat a Repetto oil well with severely declining production. After treatment, the well’s production remained higher than pre-treatment (SPE 20076-MS, 1990).

Hydraulic fracturing photo courtesy of BJ Services.
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