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Applications for Versatic™ Acids and Derivatives

Versatic acids and derivatives are used in a wide range of applications from paints and coatings to agrochemicals.

ApplicationVeoVa 10VeoVa 9VeoVa EHCardura E10PVersatic Acid 10Versatic Acid 5
AdhesivesConstruction and Infrastructure
 Pressure sensitive adhesives
 Wood adhesive
Chemical intermediatesAcid chlorides, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, peroxyesters    
 Acid scavenger   
 Metalworking fluids    
Civil engineeringDecorative and topcoats
 Redispersible powders
 Elastomeric roof coatings
 Self-leveling floorings
 Architectural/Decorative coatings
 Automotive Coatings   
 Can, Coil & General industrial coatings
 Concrete & Masonry coatings
Protective coatingsProtective, marine and shipping container coatings
 Special purpose coatings
 Transportation coatings   
 Wood coatings
FurnitureWood adhesive
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