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PropCure™ On-the-fly Curable Resin Coating

Operators need to increase cash flow and decrease CAPEX while simultaneously improving production. Hexion has developed a new technology to help operators achieve this daunting task. Hexion’s PropCure on-the-fly curable resin coating allows operators to coat sand for hydraulic fracturing on location in the blender tub.


Next generation curable resin proppant coating technology

PropCure coating is the next generation of curable resin coating technology for proppants. It consists of a two-part system that is combined with a simple static mixer on the frac site. The PropCure coating is added directly to the blender tub using standard liquid additive pumps. The unique chemistry has an affinity for proppants, so it coats the proppant and not the equipment.

Once downhole, the PropCure coated proppant acts just like a traditional curable resin coated proppant. It provides all the same benefits of grain-to-grain bonding and keeps proppant in fractures—where it's intended to stay.

PropCure Benefits, Savings and Production Enhancements

PropCure coating provides savings by:

  • Lowering cost compared to traditional resin coated proppant
  • Lowering costs associated with proppant flowback
  • Reducing time for flowback services to be on location
  • Extending the life of artificial lift systems and other production equipment
  • Decreasing overall lease operating expenses and lost production time

PropCure coating improves production and revenue by:

  • Keeping proppant in the fractures which maintains pathways for oil and gas to flow
  • Maintaining greater near wellbore connectivity by keeping the proppant in place within the fracture
  • Improving conductivity of the proppant pack compared to traditional proppants
  • Encapsulating proppant fines, which can move and plug off the permeability of the proppant pack

PropCure coating further enhances production by:

  • Altering the relative permeability of the proppant pack
  • Reducing the need for surfactants

Unconfined Compressive Strength Testing

PropCure coating provides significant bond strength to control proppant flowback. The coating is effective at a wide range of bottomhole temperatures (105°F - 350°F).

propcure sand 
Sand Type Temperature, °F Shut-in Time, h Dosage, % BWOS UCS, psi 
100 Mesh240161.5>400
Left: Sand treated with PropCure coating forms a consolidated proppant core.

Conductivity and Permeability

conductivity permeability
Closure Stress, psi4,0006,0008,00010,000 Closure Stress, psi4,0006,0008,00010,000
 Conductivity (md-ft)  Permeability (Darcy's)
PropCure Coating1860962328157 PropCure Coating9551199
Uncoated Frac Sand14112024314 Uncoated Frac Sand711121

Surface Activity Data

oil flow rate - propcure

By altering the relative permeability of the proppant pack, PropCure coating provides more than two times higher flow rate compared to uncoated frac sand. Running this technology even at low concentrations can reduce or eliminate the need for additional surfactants.

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