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Adhesives and Resins for Engineered Wood

Adhesives and resins for structural engineered wood products must meet many standards including heat performance, customer quality and emissions regulations. We at Hexion have been leading the field in load-bearing structural adhesives for years. We offer a wide selection of products as well as in-depth application expertise. Ultra low-emitting, lower waste options are available.

Phenol-resorcinol-based resins—thermally stable well past the combustion point of any wood—have passed ASTM D-7247, the most rigorous test of adhesive bonds at elevated temperatures. These resins are also durable and water resistant. Other technologies we offer for structural engineered wood include:

  • Melamine-based resins—also offer excellent thermal stability; have passed ASTM D-7247 and can comply with the CSA0112.9 standard; are light colored or clear; are moisture resistant and strong; are suitable for radio frequency or cold set cure
  • Resorcinol-based resins—two-part, structural exterior glues which utilize radio frequency curing; require a powdered hardener
  • Polyvinyl acetate resins—emulsified phenolic formulations optimized for specific application and product performance requirements

Applications for our adhesives for structural engineered wood include:

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