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Binding Resins for Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

At Hexion we recognize that wood species and individual process parameters differ by OSB production facility. We specifically formulate resins to meet these unique requirements, reduce manufacturing costs and optimize mill production. An on-site process survey and consultation with Hexion's technical service team is the first step in determining the formulation requirements for your specific facility. Based on this survey, we offer a range of:

Phenolic resins

The proven structural performance and application flexibility of Hexion's liquid and powder phenolic resins make them a manufacturing standard across a wide range of specialty and commodity OSB products. To formulate a specific resin to match your application needs, we can modify resin characteristics such as:

  • Reactivity
  • Molecular weight
  • pH
  • High vs. low solids content

This flexibility allows for numerous formulation choices that will help take your products to the next level—and our technical service representatives can help. Examples of controllable characteristics include:

  • Stability
  • Reduced emissions
  • Cure speed
  • Flexibility of application
  • Wood species mix
  • Mill process parameters
  • Physical performance requirements

Amino resins

Amino resins have proven to be successful alternatives to traditional phenolic resins used in OSB, and we at Hexion offer several options to meet your product performance requirements. You can choose from the broadest range of chemistries available including UF, MUF and MUPF resins. These resins offer:

  • Large operating windows
  • Faster cure cycles with adjustable cure rate via varied catalyst dosing
  • Lower emissions
  • Proven performance
  • Light color
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Moisture-resistance in exterior-use panels
  • Adjustment of melamine content in MUF and MUPF based on desired level of moisture resistance

Wax Emulsions

Hexion's wax emulsions help control water absorption and thickness swell, giving products the dimensional stability to perform in moist environments—especially important for OSB. Our Bord'N-Seal® FM series are emulsions based on proprietary formulas of hydrocarbon waxes and dispersant additives. This product line is designed to provide:

  • Superior flow of the wax during composite board manufacturing
  • Equal or greater control over water absorption and thickness swell as compared to standard products

The overall success of our customers via relentless attention to satisfying key customer production and performance requirements, such as:

  • Long-term storage stability
  • Load-to-load consistency
  • Minimization of applied cost
  • Full-service global technical support

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