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Cardura™ Glycidyl Ester

Cardura E10P Glycidyl Ester, the glycidyl ester of Versatic Acid 10, has been used for decades as a building block for high-performance resins for automotive, industrial and construction applications. Cardura E10P enables the production of (ultra) high solids and waterborne low viscosity polymers with good substrate wetting, UV and chemical resistance.

The epoxy group of Cardura glycidyl ester can react with amines, acids, alcohols and other functional groups to allow the use of Cardura glycidyl ester in acrylic, polyester, star polyester and epoxy based resins as a building block and/or a reactive diluent.

Cardura E10P glycidyl ester allows acrylic polyol polymerization at higher temperatures that can be used to reduce molecular weight and thus polymer viscosity. In addition to this, the bulky structure of Cardura E10P glycidyl ester limits the intermolecular chain interactions which contributes to the viscosity reduction. So Cardura E10P glycidyl ester enables a wider processing window for APOs, while maintaining an appropriate balance of critical application properties such as drying time, pot life and VOC level which enables formulation cost reduction opportunities.

When Cardura glycidyl ester is used as a reactive diluent for epoxy flooring coatings, its low viscosity, low volatility and resistance to crystallization provide unique performance.

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