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Versatic™ Monomers for Self-leveling Flooring

Because of its low viscosity and low volatility, Cardura™ E10P glycidyl ester from Hexion is an excellent alternative to Heloxy modifiers. 

Cardura E10P glycidyl ester provides a range of benefits, including:

  • High viscosity cutting power
  • Excellent resistance to crystallization
  • Improved chemical resistance
  • High level of reactivity
  • Improved pigment and filler wetting

Emulsions based on Hexion’s VeoVa™ monomers can also be used to enhance the properties of formulated cementitious materials, including self-leveling concrete. This modification can be done with wet emulsions or with redispersible powders (RDPs) and delivers benefits such as enhanced alkali and water resistance.


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