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Optimizing productivity
from the reservoir to the refinery


Hexion is a global leader in resin-coated proppants for hydraulic fracturing.

We have led the industry in advanced new technology for over 35 years and continue to innovate. The resin coated proppants we offer are specifically designed to keep fractures open and help our customers optimize their well production. Our next generation resins are designed to perform in the deepest and most demanding geologic formations to maximize long-term well production.

Today, Hexion's product offering extends beyond well stimulation to address drilling, cementing and production challenges. Our sizeable distribution network helps our customers optimize distribution costs. At Hexion, we are focused on the challenge of improving oil and gas production – and with the mandate of doing it responsibly.


Increase production with proven solutions

Hexion proppants continue to outperform alternative solutions in major basins throughout North America. For example, in the Permian Basin they provided a 49% production increase over uncoated frac sand.


Committed to improving
production, health and safety

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas and its corrosive byproducts not only pose a serious risk to oilfield production, but to the health and safety of field personnel as well. That’s why Hexion felt compelled to offer H2S scavenger products that are specifically designed for the oil and gas industry. These products can help remove these dangerous chemicals efficiently and safely. We pair strategically placed manufacturing plants with new product development, dedication to quality, and customer service to continue to lead the industry in this area.


Close to customers

We are continuously expanding our network of transloads in North America. Our transload facilities are strategically located to ensure our products get to the wellsite as cost-effectively as possible.

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