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VeoVa™ Vinyl Esters

VeoVa vinyl esters have unique, highly branched aliphatic structures which contribute to the enhancement of key polymer performance properties.

VeoVa vinyl esters are commonly used in vinyl acetate and acrylic polymers where they greatly improve hydrolytic stability, adhesion, water and UV resistance. Emulsion polymers based on VeoVa vinyl ester show clear improvement in scrub resistance and can be used for high quality, low VOC interior paints, exterior paints, industrial coatings as well as redispersible powders for dry-mix mortars.

VeoVa monomer products include:

  • VeoVa 9 vinyl ester homopolymer Tg +70 °C
  • VeoVa 10 vinyl ester homopolymer Tg -3 °C
  • VeoVa EH vinyl ester homopolymer Tg -36 °C (less branched)


Discover the VeoVa House: A World of Versatility




Need Higher Water Repellency?

Use VeoVa™ Vinyl Ester based Coatings! Have a look to the immersion demonstration video: 



Increase the Performance of your Paints, Coatings, Adhesives and Mortars



VeoVa™ Silane Works

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