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Hexion China takes proactive actions to prevent from Coronavirus
<p>Since the outbreak of Coronavirus in China before the 2020 Lunar new year, Hexion China has taken preventing and controlling measures from all perspectives in a responsible way, caring about the health and life safety of all associates, ensuring smooth production for customers&rsquo; orders fulfillment and minimizing the effects on logistics and supply chain.</p> <p><strong>Global aids to China</strong></p> <p>Hexion is active in organizing the virus preventing materials through its global purchasing network. Associates from Hexion Korea donated masks to colleagues in China within the shortest time after the outbreak. Hexion Headquarters in US and our European company are proactively engaged in contacting all the channels to order the virus preventing materials. Hexion China management team decided to donate masks to the department of infectious disease, Shanghai Hua Shan Hospital after reserving sufficient masks for employees&rsquo; self-use.</p> <p><strong>Online service to meet customers&rsquo; needs</strong></p> <p>As the current situation of Coronavirus preventing and controlling is still severe in China, to respond to the call of the government, all the Hexion China team, including sales and technical service team work online to serve our customers and partners and maintain close communications. The customer service team handle all the orders as quickly as usual, ensuring no order delay led by the virus. As domestic carriers return to operation gradually, goods and shipments start to flow to the customers. Only in some individual and most seriously influenced province and city like Hu Bei and Wenzhou, there will be some delay in lead time due to the cross-province control and inspection measures. Hexion will reach out closely to the customers if there is the case.</p> <p>To support the government&rsquo;s efforts to cancel aggregate and gathering activities and for the sake of the health and safety of all customers and partners, Hexion has decided to postpone the opening ceremony of Application Development Center from Feb. 20, 2020 to June 2020. Specific date is subject to the progress of the Coronavirus preventing and controlling in China.</p> <p>Let&rsquo;s work together and we will overcome all the difficulties. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!</p>
Hexion's New Family of Polyols Gaining Attention in Polyurethane Foams Market
Hexion's launch of a new family of polyols into the polyurethane foams market is gaining attention. The rigid polyurethane and spray foam industry is currently facing several challenges, including a need for better thermal insulation properties and improved reaction to fire, especially in construction. The move towards more environmentally friendly blowing agents necessitates changes in formulations and halogenated flame retardants are coming under increasing regulatory scrutiny.<br /> <br /> Hexion's paper (Novel Aromatic Nitrogen Polyether Polyols for Rigid Polyurethane Foams) received the award for best paper in the Chemistry and Fundamentals session at the 2018 Polyurethanes Technical Conference hosted by CPI (Center for the Polyurethanes Industry) in Atlanta from October 1-3. Drs. Ganapathy Viswanathan, Anthony Maiorana, Pravin Kukkala, Vinay Malhotra of Hexion and Ibrahim Sendijarevic of Troy Polymers Inc. co-authored the paper which outlines Hexion&rsquo;s innovative offerings to the market.<br /> <br /> Hexion&rsquo;s Resonance<sup>TM</sup> T series of aromatic nitrogen polyether polyols are highly reactive and multi-functional and offer new options for the foam industry, providing the opportunity for total cost reduction through improved productivity, as well as the potential for reduced levels of catalysts and fire retardants.<br /> <br /> We have generated significant interest in the industry and people are recognizing these products as innovative. Hexion is injecting energy in a mature polyurethane market and being a catalyst for change. <br /> <br /> For more information, contact&nbsp;<a href="">Ramesh Pisipati</a>
American Chemistry Council Recognizes Hexion’s EcoBind™ Technology
<img src="/images/default-source/sustainability/acc-ecobind.png?sfvrsn=66c873f7_4&amp;MaxWidth=600&amp;MaxHeight=&amp;ScaleUp=false&amp;Quality=High&amp;Method=ResizeFitToAreaArguments&amp;Signature=55159B575E1E042092FA6B47138C70D71F6B702F" data-displaymode="Custom" alt="ACC Ecobind" title="ACC Ecobind" data-method="ResizeFitToAreaArguments" data-customsizemethodproperties="{'MaxWidth':'600','MaxHeight':'','ScaleUp':false,'Quality':'High'}" /><br /> Hexion&rsquo;s resin technology advances have enabled engineered wood panel manufacturers to reduce their composite panel emissions &ndash; for products such as particleboard, medium density fiberboard and hardwood plywood &ndash; by 80 to 90 percent since the early 1980s.&nbsp; We recently received the Health and Safety Award from the Composites UK Trade Association for our development of a series of lower emitting formaldehyde Cellobond&trade; phenolic resin for the composite industry, while maintaining its inherent FST (flame, smoke, toxicity) properties (EN45545-2 rail standard). This resin contains one-tenth the free formaldehyde of previous systems resulting in reduced emissions during composite manufacturing while maintaining the reliable performance of phenolic resins.<br /> <br /> Find out more about the benefits of engineered wood as featured in the case study here:&nbsp;<a target="_blank" href=";utm_medium=social&amp;utm_campaign=Sustainability&amp;utm_term=&amp;utm_content=#Study2"></a><br /> <br /> <a href=";utm_medium=website&amp;utm_campaign=Sustainability&amp;utm_content=%23Study2" class="btn-blue">Read Study</a>
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