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Hexion Partners with “Treeslouisville” on Beautification Program


Mar 9, 2020, 15:51 PM by John Kompa


Hexion’s Louisville manufacturing site is partnering with “TreesLouisville” as part of a city-wide initiative to help restore Louisville’s tree canopy. Keep reading to find out more.


Hexion’s Louisville manufacturing site is partnering with “TreesLouisville” as part of a city-wide initiative to help restore Louisville’s tree canopy. Hexion began planting trees this week as the first of several installation phases over the next 12-18 months and expects to plant more than 80 trees along the perimeter of the site facing Camp Ground Road.

“At TreesLouisville we are so excited to have another partnership in the Rubbertown corridor,” said Cindi Sullivan, Executive Director, TreesLouisville. “Working in conjunction with Hexion will provide the opportunity to grow the urban forest to support our vision of a healthier community for Louisville’s current and future generations. The project will begin this fall and the additional trees will improve air quality, absorb stormwater, reduce noise levels, as well as other benefits.”

TreesLouisville works to protect and expand Louisville’s urban forest through tree planting, public awareness, education and collaboration. According to the organization’s website, Louisville loses 54,000 trees a year due to storms, invasive pests, development and old age. Without mitigation, the organization believes Louisville’s tree canopy cover could fall to as low as 21% in the next few decades. Through planting and preservation, the organization’s goal is to reach 45% canopy by 2050.

“We’re pleased to partner with TreesLouisville on this important initiative and be part of this beautification initiative to improve the Camp Ground Road Corridor,” said Brad Giddens, Site Leader, Louisville. “In working with TreesLouisville, we learned that the vast majority of available space for planting trees in Louisville is privately owned, which means homeowners and businesses like Hexion can help improve our urban tree canopy. We’re excited to do our part.”

Hexion’s Louisville site has been a long-time supporter of regional issues important to its associates, such as the Metro United Way of Louisville. In 2012, the Louisville facility also became an “idle free” site in cooperation with the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District and its outreach and education program, Kentuckiana Air Education (KAIRE). As part of this commitment to reduce unnecessary engine idling, Hexion associates and suppliers are asked to turn off their vehicle engines whenever possible while on-site. Hexion’s site policy now requests that drivers do not let their vehicle engines idle for more than 10 seconds while on facility grounds.

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