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Cementing Additives for Oil and Gas

In cementing, foam created during mixing can cause pump cavitation and decrease cement density, adversely impacting the strength of the cement. Hexion's Oilfield Technology Group offers X-Air™ cementing additives to reduce foam in cement systems. These products are designed to de-aerate and control foam in cement systems, leading to more consistent and predictable slurries.

Features and benefits include:

  • Better density control compared to a leading alternative product
  • A more accurately mixed slurry
  • Effective in a wide variety of cement classes and slurry compositions
Cement truck photo courtesy of Viking Services.

PropertyProductFeatures and Benefits
PowderLiquid Decreases Foam FormationEffective in All Classes of CementAllows On-the-Fly AdditionEffective in PVA SystemsEffective in Naphthalene SulfonateEffective in Sodium Chloride
X-Air P
X-Air LE
X-Air L
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