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October is National Energy Awareness Month


Dec 14, 2020, 15:47 PM by Daniela Sarafov



At Hexion, efficiently managing energy resources is essential to operational excellence and the sustainability of our business.  Our goal is to increase stakeholder value, optimize resource use, reduce greenhouse gas emission intensity and reduce operating costs. 

Hexion has implemented several energy, water and waste improvement projects that are expected to generate a significant return on that investment.

Did you know that October 27, 2020 is Energy Star Day?  

The ENERGY STAR® logo may be featured on many of your home appliances, but do you know what it means?  ENERGY STAR®’s mission is centered around energy, waste, and water improvement.  ENERGY STAR® certified products are well known in the United States, and they offer helpful ideas on how to save energy at home and at work that are applicable globally. 

ENERGY STAR® Day is a celebration of our collective efforts to bring the benefits of energy savings to everyone—helping Americans save today, save tomorrow, and save for good. This year it has special meaning given the further economic challenges of today.  

To learn more on how you can make a difference go to and

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