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On February 1, 2022, Hexion Holdings Corporation announced that it has completed the sale of its Coatings and Composite businesses, which includes the epoxy specialty resins and base epoxy resins and intermediates product lines, to Westlake Chemical Corporation. For epoxy coatings and composite product inquiries, please contact customer service at or

BorDrill™ FLW Fluid Loss Additive


Drilling Rig (Large)

Hexion’s BorDrill™ FLW fluid loss additive is designed specifically for high pressure/high temperature (HP/HT) fluid loss control, clay particle inhibition, and borehole stabilization. It is formulated for superior performance in highly contaminated mud systems at elevated temperatures up to 204°C [400°F].

It is a water-soluble, extremely high molecular weight, powder resin.

Technical Advantages and Benefits

  • Effective in a wide range of fresh water, seawater, saltwater, and contaminated systems
  • Temperature stability up to 204°C [400°F]
  • Does not increase the rheology of drilling fluid system
  • Cost effective in a wide range of applications

Typical Properties

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Appearance Light purple free-flowing powder
Flash Point > 93°C [200°F]
Particle Size 200 mesh 95 %
pH 10% Solution 9.7
Recommended Dosage 3 - 7 lb/bbl
Solubility Water 100% Soluble

API Fluid Loss Control

 BorDrill Chart 1 
BorDrill Chart 2

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