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Fracline Newsletters

The Oilfield Technology Group (OTG) of Hexion Inc. is committed to providing valuable information on the benefits and performance of our products.

Online versions of our e-newsletters are available as a resource to our customers. If you would like to receive an e-mail of the newsletter as soon as it is distributed, please Subscribe Here.


Fracline – September 2019 (SPE ATCE)

Fracline – August 2019 (Voyager Mobile Resin Coating Service)

Fracline – December 2018 (PropShield Additive)

Fracline – Fall 2018 (SPE ATCE)

Fracline – September 2018 (PropShield Additive)

Fracline - Fall 2017 (SPE ATCE)

Fracline - Spring 2017 (OilPlus Proppant Case Study)

Fracline - Winter 2017 (Sentinel Dust Suppressant)

Fracline- Summer 2016 (SPE ATCE)

Fracline - Spring 2016 (AquaBond Proppants)

Fracline - Fall 2015 (SPE ATCE)

Fracline - Fall 2014 (SPE ATCE)

Fracline - Summer 2014 (Proppant Plant Acquisition)

Fracline - Fall 2013 (SPE ATCE)

Fracline - Summer 2013 (Low Temperature Proppants)

Fracline - Special Edition 2012 (Canadian Special Edition)

Fracline - Fall 2012 (SPE ATCE)

Fracline - Spring 2012 (New Oil and Gas Technology)

Fracline - Fall 2011 (OilPlus Proppants)

Fracline - Spring 2011 (New Proppant Technology)

Fracline - Special Edition 2010 (Hexion is Now Hexion)

Fracline - Fall 2010 (SPE ATCE)

Fracline - Summer 2010 (New Proppant Plant)

Fracline - Spring 2010 (Proppant Selection Factors)

Fracline - November 2009 (Bakken Special Edition)

Fracline - Fall 2009 (SPE ATCE)

Fracline - Summer 2009 (Shale Plays)

Fracline - Fall 2008 (Proppant Plant)

Fracline - Summer 2008 (PropTrac)

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