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Hexion is fully compliant with applicable REACH requirements. Since the last registration phase for REACH substances closed in May 2018, Hexion is actively pursuing dossier updates of registered substances to keep them compliant and reflect scientific progress. Beyond EU REACH, Hexion is fully compliant with applicable requirements set by regulatory frameworks in other jurisdictions such as K-REACH, UK-REACH, TSCA, IECSE, etc.

Summary of REACH 

The goal of REACH is to provide authorities with information on chemicals so that the authorities can more accurately assess the potential risk posed by such chemicals and determine whether limitations on the use of any chemicals are warranted. With certain exceptions, companies in the EU that manufacture or import more than one ton per year of a chemical substance must register that substance with the new European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) by specified deadlines. Companies importing and manufacturing chemicals are also obliged to provide certain information to downstream users of the chemicals (i.e., companies that use those chemicals) via a Chemical Safety Report (CSR). This information includes information on how these chemicals can be used safely.

The ECHA reviews the submitted data, and evaluates the potential risks posed by that chemical. Chemicals that pose a significant potential risk are subject to "authorization." These chemicals may be prohibited from use unless the use is specifically allowed by the ECHA. In addition, the ECHA may also place limitations or restrictions on how a chemical can be manufactured, processed, managed, or used.

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