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kRT™ Proppants

Hexion’s kRT™ proppants are a curable resin coated sand available in 16/30, 20/40, 30/50, 40/70, and 100 mesh sizes. kRT proppants are an economical resin coated sand that control proppant flowback in reservoirs down to 110°F and enhance conductivity.

kRT 100 Proppants

Uncoated 100 mesh proppants are used to stimulate microfractures within the reservoir and extend propped fracture length. However, initial well production is often followed by a steep decline. This can be attributed to proppant flowback, rearrangement in the fracture, and fines generation due to proppant failure.

Hexion’s kRT 100 proppant is an economical, curable resin coated sand available in 100 mesh. This unique proppant supports the intended use of 100 mesh within the fracture network, while the resin coating bonds the proppants together in the fractures to keep the grains from shifting or rearranging. Rearrangement of the proppant pack can lead to reduced propped fracture width. The resin coating also delivers many of the benefits that curable resin coated proppants provide. This includes the reduction of proppant flowback, reduction of proppant fines, and enhanced well production compared to uncoated frac sand. Read more about kRT proppants’ economic benefits and a 100 mesh size for microfractures.

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