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MEA Triazine 52%


Production Chemicals Refinery

MEA Triazine 52% is a clear to light yellow liquid with a slight amine odor. Its principal use is to scavenge hydrogen sulfide from gas and oil. The product is usually shipped in bulk tank truck and is available from Hexion plants located at Diboll, TX, Springfield, OR and Edmonton, AB. Products are also available from manufacturing facilities in Asia and Latin America.

Custom formulations based on this product can be blended to meet customer finished product requirements.

Our product is typically supplied in bulk truck. Hexion also offers a variety of packaging options depending on regional capabilities.

Typical Properties

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Appearance @ 70°F [21°C] Clear to Light Yellow Liquid
Flash Point >200 [>93] °F [°C] Seta Flash, Closed Cup
Grams Per Milliliter @ 68°F [20°C] 1.102 - 1.116
Odor Slight Amine
Pounds Per US Gallon at 68°F [20°C] 9.2 - 9.32
Specific gravity @ 77°F [25°C] 1.103 - 1.117
Storage Temperature 50 - 100 [10 - 38] °F [°C]
Viscosity @ 77°F [25°C] 9 - 19 Brookfield, cP LVF #1/60 rpm

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