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On February 1, 2022, Hexion Holdings Corporation announced that it has completed the sale of its Coatings and Composite businesses, which includes the epoxy specialty resins and base epoxy resins and intermediates product lines, to Westlake Chemical Corporation. For epoxy coatings and composite product inquiries, please contact customer service at or





Fast setting repairs on gfrp-structures, bonding on gfrp and metal

Operational Temperature

-50 to +70 °C (-58 to +158 °F)


Over 10 °C (50 °F)


Economical, clean and selective application


Store dark at room temperature, shelf life of 24 months in unopened cartridges


MGS BP 20 is available in 400ml/470 gram cartridges and therefore ideal for accurate and clean bondings in production as well as repairs.

The product is suitable for fast setting bondings in composites applications and especially for composite-metal bondings. Due to its formulation components it provides very good adhesion.

The reactivity allows small and medium sized bondings. MGS BP 20 provides a good curing behaviour at ambient temperatures. The final mechanical properties as well as thermal resistance are achievable after post curing only (3h at 50-60 °C). The potential DMA Onset is at 80 °C.

Ambient temperatures ease squeezing out MGS BP 20 particularly with manual devices. When processing MGS BP 20 at low temperatures, the cartridges are supposed to be warmed up at 20-40 °C before use.

Resin (yellow) and hardener (blue) are strongly pigmented in order to make mixing deviations obvious. Those can occur during the first pumping cycles. Material with colour changes should be rejected (usually 5-15 grams).

MGS BP 20 is only to be used with the supplied static mixers which provide good mixing and low pressure loss. The tip of the mixing nozzle can be cut for an adaption of the flow rate.

We recommend processing as follows:

  • Remove cap nut and plug
  • Squeeze out material until hardener and resin are on same level
  • Attach mixer and secure with cap nut
  • Reject the first 5-15 grams until colour is homogenous

We suggest storage in the dark (without exposure to direct sunlight or UV) at temperatures between 15-30 °C. The material shows no tendency to crystallize but lower temperatures make processing more difficult. In originally packed and closed cartridges MGS BP 20 can be stocked for 24 months.

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